Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Adventures of Life Academy

The 25 parents and kids of Life Academy are off to a great start at Casa Shalom. This morning, they participated in a welcome ceremony at Colegio Shalom, where they learned about Guatemalan culture and watched a traditional dance. They spent the rest of the day tackling a big project - the painting of the security fence that surrounds the orphanage. This evening, the kids helped lead praise and worship at Casa Shalom's church service. Photo 1: Pledges of allegiance were said to both the Guatemalan and American flags today, representing the presence of both cultures. Photo 2 and 3: Elementary school girls perform a traditional Guatemalan dance. Photos 4 - 7: painting the fence Photo 8: Leading praise and worship with Mrs. hall Videos 1 and 2: the toddlers of Casa Shalom perform special songs for the visitors.

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Anonymous said...

HI life academy team. You all look white with paint! Love to Emily and David.
Michelle Dikken