Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today, Casa Shalom received a visit from the North Pole's most famous resident! Tommy, a member of the team from North Carolina that is currently working at Casa Shalom, has played Santa Claus on missions trips to several countries and brought his red suit to Guatemala. The team invited the children from the local neighborhood to come see and Santa and to receive gifts - about 100 kids came, heard about Jesus from Santa Claus, and received presents! After they left, Santa made the rounds to all the houses at Shalom. He brought gifts to the kids and had a nifty little photo printer that allowed him to print photos in under a minute. Each child at Casa Shalom got a photo of him or herself with Santa!

Photo 1: Santa leads the kids from the neighborhood in prayer. Photo 2: This little guy wasn't too sure about the man in the big red suit. Photo 3: Santa and a little girl from the neighborhood. Photo 4: Santa and director Jorge Mario Photo 5: Santa and Celia Photo 6: Santa and Karen Photo 7: Santa with the Luceros house Photo 8: The newest member of the Luceros house, Victor, and Santa - Victor is proud to be a member of the "big boy" house and hasn't looked back since leaving the baby house Photo 8: Santa and Kevin Photo 9: The Rayos with their gifts Photo 10: Santa gives Edwin a poke in the tummy Photo 11: Edwin switches things up Photo 12: The teen boys with their soccer jerseys that Santa brought them Photo 13: Alejandro and Santa Photo 14: Santa and the babies Photo 15: Brandon couldn't resist giving Santa a big hug Photo 16: Ana and some of her presents.
Video: Santa's arrival!

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