Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas at Shalom + Updates

Thanks to churches in Labelle, Florida and to Maranatha Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, we were recently able to celebrate Christmas with all the kids at Shalom. After a pizza dinner, the kids received a mountain of gifts - clothing, shoes, toys, electronics, jewelry, backpacks and more! Please enjoy the photos of the party, below.

In an administrative note, Josh and I have returned to the United States for about a month. We will be spending the Christmas season with our respective families and are grateful for this time to rest and rejuvenate. Please keep watching for updates - we will still be updating the blog frequently with photos and information we have gathered in the past weeks.

And the kids? Well, they're enjoying Christmas away from the orphanage, too. Every Christmas season, the children who have families and are legally able visit them spend about a month with them. Those who don't have families or those who can't visit them instead spend the Christmas season with pastors' families in the area. This gives the kids a chance to spend time in a new environment and experience a family Christmas! Please pray for the Casa Shalom kids as they spend the Christmas season away from the orphanage. They (and we) return to the home on the 12th of January.

Photos: 1 - Antonio shows off his remote-control car set 2 - Ana loves her new pink shoes! 3 - Jose Ramiro and Pastor Harold Hanks of the Labelle Church of God display Jose's new remote control car track 4 - Sarai got a talking baby doll 5 - Clemente wasted no time unwrapping his new skateboarding shoes 6 - Brayan got a giant remote-control Hummer! 7 - Wilson sports his new backpack as he opens another gift 8 - One of the newest children, Abigail, was more excited about the ribbon than the present 9 - Tony sports his new jacket and Evelyn her new sunglasses 10 - Many of the boys from the Rayos house pooled their Christmas money to buy a Nintendo 64, controllers and games.

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