Friday, December 5, 2008

Santa comes to San Jose Rio Bravo

Santa Claus has been making the rounds in Guatemala! Today, he went to San Jose Rio Bravo, the impoverished community we have been aiding. He brought toys to all of the children and his "helpers" brought food for the breakfast program being run by the local church, which serves 100 children breakfast 7 days a week. Santa was a hit with the children and they all left with smiles on their faces.

Please continue to keep Rio Bravo in your prayers. While progress is being made in the town through the breakfast program, the area's issues are multi-faceted and include an extreme parasite program, lack of jobs, alcoholism among the men, and lack of education. The local church is currently able to provide breakfast for 100 children, but the pastor has a roster of over 800 children who are in need of the daily meal. Please pray that the Lord will bless this town with the relief it so badly needs through groups like the Enochville Church of God (where Santa goes to church!)

Photo 1: Mrs. Claus helps Santa into his suit.
Photo 2: Santa gets a warm welcome
Photo 3: A mother waits in line for gifts for her boys.
Photo 4: 2 little ones get presents.
Photo 5: A little girl likes her doll but isn't so sure about Santa.
Photo 6: She got a Barbie!
Photo 7: Getting a boost from the man in red
Photo 8: The team from Enochville Church of God in North Carolina, along with Josh, Jessica and Pastor Freddy, the leader of the church that's providing breakfast for the children.
Video 1: Santa's grand entrance!
Video 2: The fact that Santa doesn't speak Spanish and has to use a translator doesn't bother the kids.

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