Monday, December 1, 2008

Dora's graduation

We are proud to announce that Dora, house mother to the babies, has officially graduated from secretarial school! Dora arrived at Casa Shalom when she was nine-years-old. While living at another orphanage, Dora was mistreated and ran away, arriving at Shalom and declaring herself a resident. She has lived at the home ever since and became the babies' full-time house mother over 4 years ago. Dora has worked hard as a mother to 11 children and has spent the last few years studying on the weekends to earn her degree.

Dora is excited about her graduation and looking forward to her future as a working professional. As of December, Dora will be employed outside her home and will step down as the babies' house mother. Director Jorge Mario is interviewing two separate married couples who are interested in parenting Shalom's youngest residents. We excited about the babies' having both a house mother and father . Please keep the selection process in prayer.

On a side note, thanks to our friends Bob and Georgette for their continued help during this dry season. Their donated water has been a huge blessing to the kids and to us. The importance of keeping all 15 of the teen boys on a regular showering schedule cannot be underestimated!

Also, thanks to Messiah Christian Church in Virginia for their generous donation to fix the well. In the past, Shalom received 75% of the water supply from the well, so when it is again in working condition, water shortages should be a thing of the past!

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Than Graffam said...

That is awesome! Is the interview process open to any more couples? Just kidding (kinda). Thanks for all your hard work and hospitality this week. You guys are doing a great job!!!