Sunday, August 2, 2009

Presenting the Colegio Shalom School Sponsorship Program

We have an exciting development to share with you regarding the Colegio Shalom school! This month, we will be launching the Colegio Shalom School Sponsorship program, which will pair students from Colegio Shalom with students in the United States.

The program will work to help reduce the budget deficit of $1,500 that the school currently has each month. This deficit is caused by the school's status as a social program, which means that tuition is set low enough for the area's poorest families to be able to afford.

Colegio Shalom is currently providing an excellent education to around 150 students, grades pre-K through 9th, including 40 students from a local AIDS hospice. While Guatemalan public schools only run from 8 am - noon each day and offer only basic math, reading and a little science and social studients, Colegio Shalom is able offer much more - including gym, Bible classes, English classes, computation, art, and accounting. Classes run each day from 8am - 3 pm.

In order to help Colegio Shalom continue to offer a quality education to the children of Casa Shalom and the surrounding areas, and to expand the horizons of Colegio Shalom's students , we are launching the sponsorship program. The program will work primarily with schools in the United States, where a class will be able to sponsor a child their same age, like Rosa Patricia above, who is in the 5th grade, or Alan, below, who is in 2nd grade.

The Colegio Shalom student and the class in the United States will be able to communicate via emails, letters and photos, a unique opportunity which will allow students to learn a great deal about each other's cultures. This opportunity is open to all schools in the U.S.A (both public and private), so if you or a teacher you know is interested, please visit the Colegio Shalom Sponsorship Program website: or email us at

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Kirk and Michelle Lightfield said...

Hey Josh and Jessica,
I think this is wonderful. I contacted a friend of mine in the states who is a teacher. I hope she will be able to have her class sponsor a child or something. Take care! michelle