Saturday, August 22, 2009

Casa Shalom Drumline

We at Casa Shalom are blessed to have many people on staff who can offer their talents and time to benefit the children. We have 2 house fathers who are already offering drum, piano and guitar lessons to any child who shows an interest. We also have a long-term Guatemalan volunteer, a young lady named Flor, who is very musically gifted and has started a drumming corp at the orphanage. It is open to all of the kids and there has been a lot of interest! We were blessed awhile back with a donation of drums, so each child has his or her own instrument. Check out the video of the 2nd drum line practice!

The drum line is led by Flor, left, and Eduardo, a new child at Casa Shalom (he has lots of drumming experience - come back tomorrow for more information about him!)

Even little Sergio is getting in on the drumming action

They may not be professions, but they sure enjoy their new band - participants include Kevin, Julio, Sergio, Martin, Wilson, Clara Alicia, Alfonso and Carlos!

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(rick) said...

I bet the neighbors are thrilled with the excellent drumming!