Thursday, August 27, 2009

Piggy Bank Blessings

Casa Shalom has been so blessed by donations of food, clothing, shoes, supplies and funds in the past few months. The majority of monetary donations have come from North American groups and churches, but director Jorge Mario has been out to change this, with a donation campaign aimed at Guatemalan congregations. While he is so grateful for the contributions from North America, Pastor Jorge also believes that the Guatemalan people must play a large role in caring for their own children. And due to the declining donations from North America, Casa Shalom's budget has taken a hit. To this affect, a few months ago, he launched a fundraiser here in Guatemala - he ordered 1,800 plastic piggy banks with Casa Shalom's name and logo printed on them. Each Church of God church in the country was assigned a code name was was given a bank with it's code name written in marker. The goal of this fundraiser was to raise a year of Casa Shalom's budget - an ambitious goal! The churches have had a few months to raise money for the orphanage, and many are now beginning to turn in their banks. In the few hundred banks that have been turned in, the home has raised over 12,000 Quetzales, which is around $1,500. We are grateful for the sacrifice of the Guatemalan churches and we are praying that the hundreds of banks that have not yet been turned in come in full! If you are interested in donating to Casa Shalom, please contact us at

Some of the piggy banks, post-money removal operation!

Maby, house mother to the boys ages 9 - 14, and her son Obed, help count funds from the banks.

Volunteer Flor, Edwin, and North American missionary Brent Potter, tally up some banks' totals.

Director Jorge Mario has relied on the help of Benjamin, one of Casa Shalom's oldest kids, who is currently studying to be an accountant.

Guatemalan 25-cent pieces!

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