Friday, August 21, 2009


We have some wonderful news to share - Casa Shalom's bakery is up, running, and producing enough bread to feed all at the orphanage.
As planned, the kids have taken courses in bread making with a professional baker and can now prepare French bread, rolls, cookies, pizza crust, doughtnuts and cake! There are 4 kids - Alejandra, Eliza, Flora and Alejandro - who have shown the most interest in the bakery and have been in charge of making the bread for the home. Their efforts are saving the orphanage hundreds of dollars per month, plus the kids are mastering a very valuable skill they can use to make a living when the eventually leave the home. Enjoy the video and photos of our special bakers. (The video is a bit dark to begin with, but lightens after a few seconds!) Photo above: Alejandra, Flora and Alejandro prepare rolls)

The 4 bakers hard at work

Eliza and Flora prepare rolls

Alejandra makes cookies!

Alejandro with a tray of his cookies

Eliza is proud of her baking accomplishments.

Hard at work!

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