Monday, June 8, 2009

Headed to the U.S.A.

This morning, we are leaving for the U.S. for one week. We will be visiting our families and Josh will be speaking about Casa Shalom at LifeChurch in Minnesota. We ask that you keep our travel plans in your prayers.

We would also like to present another prayer request to you - many of you will remember Sarai, a special 3-year-old girl who lived at Casa Shalom until recently, when her father was awareded custody of her and removed her from the orphanage. While we are usually happy to see the kids reunited with their families, it was difficult to say goodbye to Sarai because her father struggles with alcoholism and cannot hold down a job. Late last week, director Jorge Mario visited Sarai and her father in their one-room shack on Guatemala's coast. He reported that while Sarai is in good health, she has been acting up and her father says she wants to return to Casa Shalom. Jorge reported that Sarai's living conditions are very poor and that the home has no furniture and very little food. He encouraged Sarai's father to ask a family court judge to please return Sarai to Casa Shalom.

We ask that you please keep this precious little girl's situation in your prayers - that her father makes a decision with her best interest in mind and that the Lord's will is done in her life.

Photo: Alejandro, 14, chews on a very realistic mouse-shaped toy!

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