Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday church

Lots of people ask what we at Casa Shalom do for church - do we have church at Casa Shalom or do we take all 60+ kids out to church? Well, the answer is a little of both. Some Sundays, we hold church at the orphanage and other Sundays, we take the children to a church in the area. Tonight, we took the teenagers to a youth service at a local church. The church cooked a meal for us before the service and gave out presents to the kids. Enjoy the photos from tonight's service.
Photo 1 - The teen boys enjoy a good laugh (L to R - Edgar, Cesar, Elias, Vinicio, Hector and Santos) Photo 2 - Juan, Clemente and Vinicio trying to be cool guys Photo 3 - Jenny, who house parents the teen boys with her husband Walter is expecting a baby in November, poses with Clara Alicia, Flora and Eliza. Photo 4 - The view from the church roof Photo 5 - Benjamin being goofy with Edwin and Justin, a team member from TN Photo 6 - The TN team with the kids Photo 7 - Eliza gets tired of being pestered by the boys around her Photo 8 - The TN team leader is Mrs. Jan Waldrop, Casa Shalom's founder! She spoke for a brief time during tonight's church service

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