Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome David and Maria!

Meet little David, one of Casa Shalom's new children. David has been hospitalized for extreme malnutrition since October of 2011 - his doctors said that in October, he arrived at the hospital as a 1-year-old but was no bigger nor more advanced than a newborn. David's 7-year-old sister, Maria, was hospitalized along with him for the same reason and the same amount of time. The children's mother is mentally handicapped and didn't realize that her children were near starvation. The two were released from the hospital last week and came to Casa Shalom. We are happy to report that while both are very small for their age, their health is improving. We thank Jesus for the chance to pour into these two precious lives! Please pray that God will bring healing to these children in mind, body and soul!

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