Friday, February 24, 2012

The Mejia Lux siblings, one year later

Just over 1 year ago, late one night, we posted an urgent prayer request for a group of 8 children we'd just taken in. The kids, ages 2 - 12, had been abandoned by their parents months earlier and had been trying to survive on their own. 12-year-old Maria tried to keep her siblings alive by feeding them raw tortilla dough and the 3 boys worked long days in the coffee fields to provide for the family. The children arrived at Casa Shalom near starvation, filthy, sick and lice-ridden. None had ever attended school or been to a doctor. What a difference a year makes! Now, the 5 oldest children are attending school and the oldest 4 are literate. All have received quality medical and dental care and the oldest 3 have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior! A big thank you to everyone whose donations and prayers have allowed us to minister to these amazing children for the past year.

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