Friday, February 17, 2012

A praise report from Walter

A praise report - Walter is home from the hospital! A few weeks ago, we asked for prayer for a new child at Casa Shalom, Walter, age 8. He'd been severely burned by his stepfather and had been hospitalized to receive skin grafts and surgery to repair damaged muscle tissue in his leg that was causing him to walk with a limp. Walter came home from the hospital today and we are so happy to report that the surgeries were a success. He's not only walking without a limp - he's now running! A mere 30 minutes after coming home from the hospital, his house mother was chasing after him on the soccer field, trying to convince him to stop running around and to rest. Praise God for a successful surgery, and please keep Walter in your prayers for continued recovery. In the photo on the left, Walter happily hugs Burrito, one of the orphanage's dogs.

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