Sunday, April 25, 2010

Water park fun

Yesterday, a local church donated the funds for the Casa Shalom kids to visit a local water park. From 10 am - 5 pm, the kids slid down water slides, rode inner-tubes in the wave pool, swam, and snacked. Even the babies got in on the pool action, and spent the day in the wading pool!

House mother Marina leads her small kids toward the pool (from left: Abby, Marina, Linda, Tony, Jorge and Abby).

Clemente shows off his colorful beach towel.

Abby and Linda had a blast in the wading pool.

Colim, Alejandra and Ada horse around in the deep end.

Tony, Jorge and Anggie show off their water-wrinkled fingers.

Little Jennifer Denis and Mynor didn't get to swim, but enjoyed a nap outdoors.

Evelyn enjoyed her hamburger at lunch.

So did Cesar.

Kevin, Alejandro, Colim and her big brother Vinicio.


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