Monday, April 12, 2010

Pure water

Casa Shalom has received a huge blessing! Thanks to the donation from Rich and Margaret in Minnesota and Bob and Georgette here in Guatemala, we have been able to install a new water purification system at Casa Shalom! Anyone who has visited the orphanage can testify that the water that comes from the faucet is not p...ure - it is filled with bacteria and parasites that affect the kids and visitors alike! Thanks to this new purification system, which will purify the water using both a filter and UV light, every single drop that comes out of a faucet, hose, or even washing machine at Casa Shalom will be pure, drinkable water! A special thanks to Bob for installing the system.

Personally, we are so grateful. For nearly 2 years, we have been both drinking and brushing our teeth with bottled water, carefully boiling any water we use to cook, and being careful not to get any non-purified water in our mouths. This is a big, big blessing for us and for Casa Shalom!

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