Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This morning at Casa Shalom, we celebrated La Pascua (Easter) in a special way. The kids attended a church service where they learned about Christ's sacrifice for them. After, they enjoyed the Second annual Easter egg hunt! They hunted for over 700 eggs that were filled with candy, prizes, and a few were even filled with a little bit of money!

Poor garden!

Colim goes to great heights to get an egg.





Everyone examines their loot!

Vinico and his brother Marvin

Yefri is excited about his candy

Maria and her brother Cesar

Colim and Alejandro

Everyone spoiling their lunch!

The babies had their very own egg hunt. Can you spot some eggs?


Josh and Linda

Abby thinks, "These eggs are mine, all mine!"

Bob and Jorge


Even baby Mynor got in the Easter spirit in his duckie pajamas!

Linda and Abby weren't too thrilled when we took away their candy so they could eat lunch.

Jessica, Josh and Linda.

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