Monday, March 29, 2010

Last thursday, we boarded Casa Shalom's big yellow bus with directors Walter and Jenny, their 2 small children, and 35 kids from Casa Shalom - all the kids ages 10 and up. We drove over 5 hours to Cobán, a city in Guatemala's Alta Verapaz district. We got back to Casa Shalom this afternoon. In Cobán, we stayed in a gymnasium that is used for conferences and conventions. Everyone slept in sleeping bags on the concrete floor, and there was no hot water available - but the Casa Shalom kids are troupers! They didn't complain once. They were grateful for a safe place to sleep and for running water! Over the next few days (internet access permitting), we will be posting pictures and video from the trip. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed our time with the kids.

Right before we take off on our trip - notice the crowd at the BACK of the bus. Typical teenagers!

Director Walter says a prayer for safety before leaving Casa Shalom.

Not even 10 minutes into the trip and Alfonso and Waltercito were out like a light!

Unloading the bus with all the kids' luggage.

We stayed in a building normally used for church services and conferences - not exactly a 5-star hotel, but the kids were thrilled with the big, open space. As soon as they dropped their bags, they started up a game of soccer.

Videos: The boys played soccer in the afternoons....and unfortunately for us "old folks" who wanted to sleep, well into the nights too!

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