Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coban, part 3

Here are the last of our photos from our recent trip to Cobán. Enjoy!

On Saturday, we went to a natural spring called Las Islas (The Islands). At the park, the kids swam and searched for seashells and crabs. Here, the kids get their first glimpse of the springs

Edwin at the springs

Taking a rest from hours of swimming

Edgar, Benjamin and Elias enjoy some banana-leaf tamales for lunch

Alejandro, Clemente and Cesar

Jose Alfredo and Brayan enjoy lunch

After a day at the pool, the kids were tired out! Eliza fell asleep with baby Jennifer Denise.

The accommodations in Cobán were not exactly 5-star, but no one complained. The temperature got as low as 45 degrees, and with a building that isn't entirely closed and no central heat, that gets chilly!

Everyone bundled up under sleeping bags and blankets

Lunch on Sunday

On Sunday morning, ladies from a local church cooked the kids tamales in an outdoor kitchen, over a wood fire.

On Sunday afternoon, a local church bought everyone Pollo Campero for lunch.

Video 1: Alejandro leads a sing-along with the Casa Shalom kids in church on Sunday. Video 2: Cesár speaks in church on Saturday night and was asked to say something in Kachikel, his native language. The Kachikels are the native indigenous population in Cobán.

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