Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cobán part 2

Enjoy more photos from our trip to Cobán!

Maria, Flora, Ada, Jessica and Karen outside the compound. The building in the background in the bathroom facility. No hot water, but the kids didn't mind at all. We were just grateful for running water!

Some of the kids explore a creek near the compound.

he first night of the trip, we attended a church in the small town of Purulhá, which is located 30 minutes outside of Cobán. The church was very small and it's members were primarily indigenous and obviously poor. We appreciated very much the meal they sacrificed to serve us before the church service.

The group at the church in Purulhá. The church's floor was dirt and the building didn't have walls on 3 sides.

The kids enjoy a typical Guatemalan meal of tortillas, beans, eggs and coffee at the church in Purulhá.

There was no shortage of tortillas! These tortillas were made of pure corn - which means that no flour was used and that even more work went into making them (dry corn, grind the corn into a paste by hand, hand-make the tortillas on an open-flame grill)

Jessica with a few girls from the church in Purulhá

On Friday morning, our first morning in Cobán, a local church brought us breakfast in the back of a pick-up truck.

Benjamin, Brayan, Julio and Wilson enjoy their breakfast of tortillas, eggs, and beans. This combination is very typical in Guatemala and is usually eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

The ladies of a local church serve breakfast to the Casa shalom kids.
Video: Hector gives his testimony at the church of Purulhá. He speaks of how after his parents were murdered in front of him and his siblings (Eliza and Julio), they were sent to life at Casa Shalom. He says, "Thanks to Casa Shalom, we have been able to continue studying...thanks to Casa Shalom we have a better life."

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