Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zoo fun

Last week, all the kids of Casa Shalom went to the zoo in Guatemala City to see the animals! This was the first visit to the zoo for many of the kids and they were excited to see lions, hippos, alligators, monkeys and many more animals! Check out the photos below (click on a photo to enlarge).

From left: Sara, Victor, Jorge Ana and Alex in front of the giraffes

Alfonso, Josh and Jose Marcelino in front of the giraffes

Alfonso in front of the elephants

From left: Eduardo with baby Monserrat, Martin, Carlos, Sergio Brandon and Santos in front of the alligator exhibit

The tiger was napping!

From left: volunteer Flor, Victor, Alex, Ana and Maria, daughter of director Jorge Mario, in front of the monkey exhibit

Edwin and Waltercito in front of the monkey exhibit

From left: Hector, Marvin, Jose Alfredo and Julio in front of the llama exhibit

Eddy, Angel and Rosendo in front of the owls

Kevin, Wilson and Brayan in front of the parrot exhibit

Eliza and Flora do their best flamingo impression

Vinicio and Max in front of the parrots

From left: Alejandra, Ada, Enma and Clara Alicia pose in front of the giraffe exhibit

The babies really enjoyed the mini-farm inside the zoo

Tony and Sarai check out the donkey

Tony and Sarai in front of the cows

From left: Evelyn, Jorge, Tony, and Sarai

Carlos, Jose Marcelino and Martin loved the gator exhibit!

3 men, a baby and a stroller: Benjamin, Edgar and Edwin patiently led Anggie around to see all the animals

From left: Karen, Sergio Brandon, Flora, Santos, Colim and Celia

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