Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tough goodbyes

Last week, we at Casa Shalom had to say goodbye to 4 great kids who left the orphanage to live with their families. First Max left to live with his mother, which had been anticipated for some time. But it was a surprise when the courts ordered siblings Celia, Ana and Jose Marcelino back to their mother and father, who they say now have enough income to care for the 3 children. It was an emotional week, and saying goodbye to 4 great kids was tough for everyone. Please pray for Max, Celia, Ana and Jose as they readjust to life outside of Casa Shalom.

Photo: The Rayos house Left: House parents Maby and Josue, back row from left: Jose Alfredo, Marvin, Rolando, Carlos, Martin. Front row from left: Edwin, Obed, Max, Eddy

Celia, Ana and Jose Marcelino right before they left with their parents

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