Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bounce house fun!

Last week, the whole orphanage got to enjoy 3 hours of bounce house fun, thanks to the Sparks family from Tennessee. The Sparks rented two giant inflatable toys, one for the big kids and one for the smaller kids. The kids jumped and slid for 3 hours straight and enjoyed a pizza party after that. They all slept well that night! Enjoy the photos and video from the bounce house party.

The big kids enjoyed a giant inflatable slide

Sarai mid-bounce

Cesar gearing up to slide

The toddlers jumped and jumped in an inflatable castle

Eddy and Maby help some of the youngest babies get in on the jumping action. Monserrat and Abagail were happy to get to play too!

Eduardo helps Jorge navigate the slide

Henry takes a break from jumping

The big kids' slide

Sarai has no fear - she tumbled down the little slide head first!

Eliza and baby Monserrat

Tony played so hard that he fell asleep right on the gym floor

Victor fell asleep at the pizza party

Roland helps Linda Lucerito and Eddy helps Abagail be a part of the bouncing fun!

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