Monday, August 25, 2008

The Casa Shalom Olympics!

In honor of the end of the Olympics, we present to you the events that would be included if Casa Shalom were to hold its own Olympic games. Not even Michael Phelps would be able to score a gold in these events!
1. The 100-meter sprint: Quick! The toddlers have escaped out the front door of their house. Catch them before all 10 run down the hill!
2. The 50-yard swim: This event only takes place during the rainy season, when it becomes necessary to swim from the school to the kitchen.
3. Soccer: Teen boys versus little boys and the match is deadly serious! The winner takes home pride and taunting rights for months.
4. Fencing: In this version, there are no masks, no fancy rules and the contendors are little boys. The weapon is bamboo sticks and the stragetgy consists of whacking the other little boy until he gives up!
5. Marbles: As any visitor to Casa Shalom can tell, the marbles tournament is more important than any other event. Winner takes everyone else's marbles!

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Anonymous said...

gosh i miss there faces! life isn't the same without them....
i hope u & josh have a great few days in florida:)

all my love & prayers,