Sunday, August 3, 2008

Can you help bring computers to Casa Shalom?

As we previously posted, Computers for Guatemala is donating 12 desk-top computers to Colegio Shalom's computer lab. The computers will replace the old lab computers, the majority of which are so old that they don't even turn on! The organization asks for 70 Quetzales (approximately 10 dollars) per computer to offset the cost of getting the computers through customs. The total to get the 12 computers is $120.00. Although this is a relatively small amount of money, Casa Shalom doesn't have this money in the budget. If you would be able to donate toward the cost of getting the computers from the United States, please contact us at
Update: Praise God! A friend from Yakima, Washington has pledged to donate the money to bring the computers to Casa Shalom.

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Following God's Call said...

That's great Jessica. I knew He would answer your prayers, all we have to do is have faith in Him!

Blessings, Michelle
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