Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The upside of culture shock

When trading in your home culture for a foreign culture, there are many moments where you're lost, confused and wondering "Just what are these people thinking?" There are some moments, though, that you find yourself appreciating various aspects of your new culture. The Guatemalan culture is just not preoccupied with many of the issues American culture is. Here is a list of things we haven't heard discussed once by Guatemalans - and for that, we are grateful.

1. Miley Cirus
2. The mortgage crisis
3. The November election
4. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's twins
5. Going green (or anything environmentally-related - this may not be such a plus!)
6. The war in Iraq
7. How the iphone just didn't deliver as promised
8. Britney Spears' custody battle
9. Anything about Tom Cruise
10. The merits of PCs versus Macs


(rick) said...

Thanks for making the rest of us jealous! Interesting how the "blessings" of the US have turned into curses.

Amanda Bell said...

I agree...the rest are INFINITELY jealous right now.

To avoid hearing of ANY of the items for just one day, all of us would have to unplug from EVERYTHING (including our iPhones....).

That's for the reality check.

Anonymous said...

How refreshing! With the exception of No. 7.... I'm expecting my iphone any day...

aunt shelia said...

Okay. Messed that up because I'm so technically challenged. Forget about No. 7, I probably won't be proficient enough with the iphone to know that it hasn't "delivered as promised"...

We love you guys!