Friday, July 11, 2008

Teenagers are the same everywhere!

We have discovered that Guatemalan teenagers are very similar to North American teenagers....they drink as much Coca-Cola as they can get their hands on, they listen to their music far too loudly, and they occasionally show some serious attitude! Today was an interesting role reversal, when we had to have a little chat with some of the young ladies who just felt like staying in their home instead of attending school. They didn't much care for their lecture and turned the attitude on fast! Being in our twenties ourselves, negotiating with moody teens in not a skill we possess, but God is helping us show the teens love while trying to establish some healthy boundaries for them!

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Samantha said...

Ben and I just got back from taking the kids to New Orleans on a mission's trip and we had to have a few talks to ours as well. Where do they learn that attitude? It's an art, really. We may be putting off kids for about 20 years.