Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please pray for the Guatemalan adoption system

Until very recently, the only country from which the United States adopted more children than Guatemala was China. In May of this year, that all changed when foreign adoptions from Guatemala were put on old, due to a corrupt legal system. Several children at Casa Shalom, like little Tony on the left, are here because their mothers tried to sell them in an illegal adoption. Tony's mother agreed to sell him to a lawyer if the lawyer would pay her hospital bills. While this hold on foriegn adoptions has spared many children from being illegally adopted, it has also caused heartache for hundreds families who are waiting to legally adopt children from the country. We are in contact with several families in the United States who are in the process of adopting from Casa Shalom, but their cases have been put on hold. Please pray for the affected families and that the Lord will restore the broken Guatemalan adoption system. For a look into Guatemala's adoption process, check out this recent article.

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