Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog but the internet stops working when it rains - which has been every day so far! We arrived right in the middle of they rainy season, but it is giving up plenty of time to do some much needed painting inside some of the buildings. We are currently fixing up a house that will eventually be used for American missionaries. A few days ago, the future Casa Shalom nurse arrived for a week-long visit. She is a woman from the United States and is here to finalize plans for her expected arrival in September. Having a full-time RN at Casa Shalom will be such a blessing. Please pray for Christen while she raises funds for her trip. Enjoy another photo of the little ones - they LOVE having their picture taken. I think they all have a bit of movie-star syndrome! The two in this photo are Jose and Tony . Jose Marcelino (right) has two older sisters at the orphanage. They have 6 other siblings that were removed from their parents' home last week because the parents were prostituting Jose's 15-year-old sister. Tony (left) was brought to Casa Shalom when his mother tried to sell him to a lawyer for an illegal adoption.
Please continue to pray that God will give us wisdom to understand how to best serve the children of Casa Shalom!

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