Sunday, June 22, 2008

56 new bathing suits + 56 new pairs of sandals = 56 really excited kids

Yesterday, we had Part 1 of the adventure of a lifetime. A former director of Casa Shalom is visiting and decided to take all 56 children at the oprhanage to a water park a few hours away. The problem was that none of the children had bathing suits and very few had adequate sandals. So we loaded all of the girls into a van to go shopping (Guatemalan girls are just as picky about their swimming attire as North American girls so they wouldn't let anyone choose a suit for them!) An hour later, all the girls had a suit chosen and then we had to find dozens of suits for the boys. We were quite a sight - a group of gringos traipsing around the Guatemalan equivalent of Walmart with 56 swimming suits and 56 pairs of small sandals. We're leaving for the park in a little bit - pictures soon to come!

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