Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby Emilio

God is opening doors for needy children to come to Casa Shalom! We've been praying for the Lord to send us more children, and we've received 6 new children at Casa Shalom in the last 48 hours. Baby Emilio, below, is one of those children. He arrived at Casa Shalom last night after being found alone in his grandmother's house yesterday morning. The neighbors say she's an alcoholic and leaves Emilio in the care of his 3-year-old brother (who is now missing) while she spends her days drinking in local bars. When social workers found Emilio, he was all alone in the house and had only one bottle and a hot dog, which was supposed to be adequate nutrition for a baby that we estimate is around 10 - 12 months old. We are so grateful for the chance to minister to this precious baby boy, who is now the youngest member of the Casa Shalom family. Please pray that Emilio's brother is also found so that he can receive the help and attention he needs. Be watching for photos and info about all of Casa Shalom's new children in the coming days.

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