Sunday, January 23, 2011

Omar and Yohanna

Meet Omar, 8, and Yohanna, 9, siblings who came to Casa Shalom last week after their family abandoned them in a local McDonalds. Since their arrival, the children have been receiving lots of love, attention, and good food. This week, they will start to attend school for the first time in their lives. One of the first questions Omar asked when he got to the orphanage was if he would get a chance to learn to read and write....the kids can't wait to start attending school! Please pray for them as they adjust to life at Casa Shalom. And a special prayer request for Omar. Last year, he was hit by a car, broke his arm, and never received any sort of medical care. The arm healed crookedly, and he has very little use of it (you can see in the photo below that he's hiding his arm behind his back). We will be looking for a hospital to perform an operation on his arm, so that he can regain use of it - please pray that we will have the funds to provide this operation for him. If you'd like to contribute a tax-deductible donation toward the operation, please do so at this link (please specify in the "special instructions" that the donation is for Omar's operation):

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