Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Check-up at the doctor's office

Yesterday, we took quite the crew of little ones to see the doctor for a check-up. Abby, Linda, Mynor, and new siblings Magdalena, Candelaria, Catalina and Viviana all got their vaccination updates and a check-up. They weren't so excited about the shots, or seeing the doctor, but we're glad to be able to provide the health care they need!

Magdalena cried while being weighed, even before she got her shots!

Viviana gets weighed.

Candelaria didn't mind the scale so much.

Catalina was tranquil while being weighed....

...but not while getting her shots!

Linda wasn't so sure about this height and weight thing.

Josh balancing the babies while Jessica supervised the check-ups.

Abby is a big girl now!

Mynor wasn't so happy after his shots!

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