Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Linda is two-years-old and she loves to say her prayers before bedtime! In these videos, she's thanking Jesus for her crib, her milk, and her toys. When she was six-months-old, Linda was found lying the street next to her mother, an alcoholic, who was passed out from drinking too much. She was brought to Casa Shalom, and now, Linda is a happy and healthy little girl who loves to praise Jesus!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica!
I felt in love with Linda last Summer when I went with my Lakewood Mission Team. I would like to know more about her.... God fulfilled my heart having her in my arms!! I have a picture with she and me nose to nose,
you shared with me how special she is for you as well.

You guys are in my prayers..
Do you read spanish as you speak it?
Blanca Verdugo from Gainesville GA.