Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas 2009

We here at Casa Shalom are celebrating Christmas 2009 in a big way. At the party, we enjoyed a chicken dinner cooked with birds from our very own chicken farm! Many of the kids also participated in a talent show. Enjoy some photos from our second Christmas party.

Carlos enjoys a big piece of chicken from Casa Shalom's chicken farm!

Even little Monserrat got to enjoy the chicken.

The babies performed "I'm in the Lord's army"

Waltercito was one of the most popular performers of the night!

Alejandro and Eduardo won 1st place for their duet.

Hector played a song on the recorder.

Jose Ramiro, Julio and Kevin sang.

Ada and Eliza performed a choreographed number.

Enma, who is just learning to play the electric guitar, performed with Colim.

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