Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All they want for Christmas is new shoes!

Last week, a visiting team from the Labelle, Florida, Church of God took all the kids of Casa Shalom shopping to for a new pair of shoes. We went to a local Payless (yes, there is Payless in Guatemala!) and each child got to choose their own new pair. Some chose dress shoes, some chose boots, some chose tennis shoes - but all left with a brand new pair! The kids had a blast getting to shop - check out the photos!

Carlos is really excited about his new shoes

Rolando picks out some tennis shoes

Jose Ramiro goes to great heights to get some new shoes

Little Tony gets some help picking out light-up tennis shoes

Colim looks for a pair.

Ada and Eliza are hard-to-please shoppers!

Karen and Maria went right for the tennis shoes

Even Casa Shalom's littlest kids got new shoes - Abby, Anggie and Linda got help picking some out.

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