Monday, September 7, 2009

Road construction

As any who has been to Casa Shalom can testify, the road the runs through the property gives one bumpy ride! The concrete road has survived dozens of rainy seasons, but has deteriorated greatly in the past few years. Director Jorge Mario began brainstorming ways we could re-do the road, if we had adequate funds. After being blessed by several donations for the road, construction began a few weeks ago. At this point, approximately 30% has been completed and it looks wonderful. To celebrate the progress, on Saturday an opening ceremony was held at the home. We'd like to thank our friend Bob for the photos he took of the ceremony.

A few days into the construction progress

The new road is paved with these stones.

The new road looks wonderful!

The kids all came to watch the opening ceremony.

Casa Shalom's van takes the first drive on the new road.

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