Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Casa Shalom

Last week, we celebrated 15 months of ministry at Casa Shalom. We have been so blessed to work with the wonderful staff and children of the Casa Shalom orphanage! We feel the Lord has placed us in Guatemala to do His work and we are excited to continue serving Him by serving Casa Shalom's kids. For the benefit of new readers of our blog, we'd like to share a little bit about our ministry and we'd like you to watch the short video we made of Casa Shalom, below.
Casa Shalom currently has 55 kids of all ages. Our typical day begins by teaching English at the school located on the orphanage property, which also educates approximately 40 children from a local HIV/AIDS hospice. Speaking English is a skill that will allow the children to escape from the desperate poverty from which they have come.
We also work with the 12 - 15 short-term missions teams that come to Casa Shalom each year. With the teams, we have replaced roofs, painted buildings, built a chicken farm, conducted Vacation Bible School, played countless games of soccer, and much more!
In November, we also began working with a feeding center in the coastal town of Rio Bravo, where several children had died of starvation prior to the opening of the center. We partner with churches in the USA to provide the 200 children who attend the program with a nutritious breakfast 5 days a week. We'd like to thank everyone who has prayed for, encouraged, supported and visited us. Your support has been invaluable. Let us know how we can connect you with the beautiful children of Guatemala!
Please take a second to check out our video below.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very powerful video. I plan to share it with many of my friends. Thank you for your work at Casa Shalom! May God bless your hands and feet!

Laurie Koepke
Regina, SK Canada