Saturday, January 31, 2009

4 College Men

Last week, 4 of Casa Shalom's oldest kids (from top to bottom) Benjamin, Juan, Nixon and Cesar, began their career programs. After having graduated from high school last year, these four special young men have been given a chance to achieve something very few Guatemalans can.... a college degree! This month, all 4 have started their career programs. Benjamin is studying to be an accountant, Juan is studying car computer systems, Nixon is studying to be a teacher and Cesar is studying to be a mechanic. So do these over-18 boys still get to live at the orphanage? Yes! Technically, on the orphanage could have required the boys to move out on their 18th birthday. But to send them out into the world without a skill with which to make a living would only serve to continue the cycle of poverty. So the boys can continue to live at Casa Shalom until they finish their degrees, given that they continue to respect the rules of the home. To help them adjust to adulthood, the boys have moved out of the Embajadores house and are living in a small house on the property. They do their own housekeeping and pay a small amount in rent from the part-time jobs they hold on the weekend (the orphanage pays for their school tuition). Please keep these 4 young men in prayer as they trasition into adulthood!

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