Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Alex, one of the youngest children at Casa Shalom, sings "Si, Si Señor" (Yes, Yes Lord)


Rachel said...

Adorable! I want one!

elea said...

I was so touched with video that you showed at the Saturday night service.
We want you to know that our family will support you and Josh through prayer and financially.
Our goal oneday,when it is our season is to go on a mission trip with our two girls.
We pray God's blessing on both of you and we pray for both of your safety as well.

In christ,
Elea Harrison (Maranatha Church)

Shelly Juaire, Prior Lake MN said...

I am Amber Juaire's mom. She is there right now. If you have not met her go give her a squeeze for me! I met Alex last year and he is the sweetest little guy! Seeing him sing brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of your dedication to the children at Casa Shalom. We fell in love with them the moment we met them. Thank you for being Jesus's hands and feet. We will continue to pray for you. My son Austin has Sue for a science teacher too. We love her! Don't forget her birthday is this Saturday. Wish her happy birthday for me!
Blessing to you today and always.