Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Casa Shalom's Christmas list

Christmas 2011 will be a very special time at Casa Shalom! The children will celebrate Christ's birth at a special Christmas party where they'll open gifts provided by a visiting team from Georgia, and they'll enjoy eating traditional Guatemalan chicken tamales! Apart from the children's gifts, Casa Shalom has created a list of "wishes" for this Christmas season. The items aren't soccer balls and shoes like the children usually request, but are more practical items needed to keep the orphanage running and in it's best shape! A few of the items are a "special request" for Casa Shalom's college students - the 3 young ladies and men who are pursuing higher education degrees need laptop computers to help them prepare their homework and presentations. These young students often leave for school before the sun comes up and don't return to the orphanage until after the sun goes down - so we want to help them maximize their study time! If you are able to make a donation to purchase one Casa Shalom's Christmas wishes from the items listed below, please let us know! Because Guatemala doesn't have a reliable postal system and there's no way to mail items to Guatemala, all items will be purchased here in country. For more information or to donate, please contact us at: TheHansonsinGuatemala@gmail.com

- 3 HP laptop computers at $450 each

- 5 hammers at $25 total

- 2 small crowbars at $14 total

- 2 big crowbars at $22 total

- 1 large pry bar at $30 total

- 5 trowels at $10 total

- 1 socket set at $43 total

- 1 screwdriver set at $24 total

- 1 staple gun at $33 total

- 1 cordless drill at $94 total

- 1 grinder at $107 total

- 1 circular saw at $173 total

- 1 concrete blade for saw at $40 total

- 1 wood blade for saw at $29 total

- 1 palm sander at $74 total total

- 10 discs for grinder at $20 total

- 1 two hundred-meter measuring tape at $27 total

- 2 pickaxes at $28 total

- 1 set of metal drill bits at $23 total

- 1 set of wood drill bits at $15 total

- 1 set of concrete drill Bits at $9 total

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