Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Support for Sarai

We are requesting prayer and support for a very special little Casa Shalom girl, Sarai, 5-years-old. Sarai recently began complaining of stomach pains and a trip to the doctor confirmed that she has a quarter-sized mass in her stomach. The doctors say it is non-cancerous but will need to be removed surgically. We are asking that you keep Sarai in your prayers as she goes through this process. We are asking the Lord for a smooth, painless procedure. We also ask that you consider donating toward Sarai’s surgery. The total cost will be around $1,000, including a hospital stay and medicine. Any donations toward this procedure would be a blessing for the orphanage and for Sarai. To donate through our supporting organization International Orphan Support, please click on the link below and under project name, include “Sarai’s surgery.” 100% of donations will be used for her procedure.
Anyone who has visited Casa Shalom knows that Sarai is always one of the first children to come running with a smile and a hug. She’s a bright, inquisitive little
girl and we know the Lord will care for His child during this process.

Update: Fantastic news - just a few hours after this post, a donor pledged the entire amount for Sarai's surgery! God is good! To the donor - thank you for giving so generously to help us care for Sarai. And everyone, please keep praying for her and watch for updates.

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