Friday, November 12, 2010

Hector's big accomplishment!

More GREAT news from one of Casa Shalom's oldest kids. Today, we learned that Hector has passed all his exams to be accepted into one of Guatemala's finest military academies, where he will study aviation engineering! We are so proud of the accomplished young man that Hector has become! Hector is an amazing example o...f how God can bring a person out of a horrible situation and bring them to a place of peace and success - when Hector was a young boy, his parents and younger brother were murdered in a home invasion. During the robbery, Hector was shot in the face. That same night, Hector and his 2 siblings that survived were brought to Casa Shalom, Hector with the bullet still lodged in his cheek. At Casa Shalom, God has healed him spiritually and physically, and provided for Hector to become a strong young man of God who has a very bright future in front of him! Thank you Lord for working miracles in the lives of the children at Casa Shalom!

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Amy said...

This brings tears to my eyes. Good for Hector!