Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 new blessings!

Casa Shalom received 5 new kids today! Clinton, left, came to Casa Shalom this morning from Antigua, where he'd been abandoned by his grandfather. He'd been living there on the streets for nearly a year. He'll be living in the Luceros house.

This evening, siblings Raquel, Yulisa, Josue, and their cousin Lester came to Casa Shalom from Guatemala City. After being declared insane, their mother tried to commit suicide and then tried to murder the children.

Since then, the kids have been living with their grandfather, but he's not able to care for them. We are happy to have a chance to care for these precious little ones!

Yulisa is 4

Raquel is 6

Josue is 3

Lester is 5.

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(rick) said...

The ministry that happens at Casa Shalom is amazing - truly the Lord's work.