Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maria's Quinceañera

Today we celebrated the special birthday of a very special girl - Maria Floridalma celebrated her Quinceañera, her 15th birthday party, which in Latin American cultures, signifies the transition from childhood to becoming a young lady. Thanks to her sponsors, Maria got a new dress and shoes. She was the guest of honor at a big party and lunch, attended by everyone at Casa Shalom, including her younger brother Brayan and her older brother Cesar. Also in attendance was their father, who traveled 8 hours from the northern Quiche region of Guatemala.
The party was held at the outdoor pavilion on Casa Shalom's property.

The birthday girl, Maria Floridalma Ixquiactap Tambriz.

Maria was escorted to the ceremony by her good friend Alejandro.

Cesar Gonzalez, the president of Casa Shalom's board, preached at Maria's ceremony.

Maria enjoyed saying a few words

Cesar and Maria's father said a prayer over her.

Maria's brothers also spoke

All of Maria's house sisters

The birthday girl!

Maria with her father and brothers Cesar and Brayan.

Maria and Brayan.

From left: Edwin, Abraham, Maria, Edwin, Karen and Wilson.

Santos manned the grill at the party - roasted chicken!

Karen and Flora helped Linda and Abby with their lunch.

A tradition at Guatemalan birthday parties is the birthday boy or girl putting their face in the cake!

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