Sunday, January 24, 2010

Help wanted!

We at Casa Shalom are geared up and excited to begin a new year. We believe 2010 will be a year of blessings for the kids and staff of the orphanage. As we make plans and review the budget for this year, we are also setting goals for things we'd like to accomplish at the orphanage in 2010. Several needs have arisen and you have the opportunity to partner with us financially to meet these needs!

-To meet security needs at the orphanage, we have hired 2 full-time guards to patrol the property 24 hours/day. This will help ensure the safety of the children and all those who live at Casa Shalom. The total salary for the 2 guards will be $800 per month.

- The Minnesota chicken farm (named for the team that constructed the farm) will be producing 60 chickens every 2 weeks in 2010. The cost of purchasing 60 baby chickens, plus chicken feed, is $200 per month.

- In 2010, we will be placing razor wire (barbed wire) along the top of the fence that circles the perimeter of Casa Shalom's property. The cost of the wire plus installation is $5 per meter.

- A big need we'd like to fill in 2010 is the purchase of a new van. We need a way to transport all the children without having to use the big yellow bus. The cost of a new van here in Guatemala is $15,000.

We ask you to prayerfully considering partnering with Casa Shalom by donating toward one of these projects. For more information on making a donation, please contact us at

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