Friday, October 23, 2009


This weekend, Colegio Shalom celebrated the graduation of the students from the preparatoria grade. Preparatoria is a special grade that Guatemala has created to fit in between kindergarten and first grade. Over 20 students graduated, including 3 from Casa Shalom - Ana, Cesar and Brandon Sergio. Check out the pictures and video from the graduation ceremony.
Ana and Cesar pose in their caps and gowns - Brandon was so excited that we couldn't get him to stand still long enough for a photo!

The Casa Shalom kids performed a special song and dance during the ceremony

The pre-K and kindergarten students dressed up for a drama during the ceremony - with their teacher Miss Illceth are from left: Evelyn, Jose the bear, Alex the Cheetah, Cesar the villager, Ana the townsperson, and in front Obed the dog and Antonio the elephant.

The pre-K kids perform their dance and song. (The boy who runs through the song and dance numbers is Brandon Sergio - he played a Pinocchio-style character who just wants to be accepted by his friends, but ultimately finds acceptance as a child of God)

Another song and dance
The children from the HIV/AIDS hospice who attend Colegio Shalom dance to "Trading my Sorrows." Listening to them sing about trading their pain and sickness was a very touching moment.

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